Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Express article about Real World VS Social Networking


So in case you haven't seen it, there was an article in the Express called Real Time: MTV's 'Real World: D.C.' Meets Social Networking.

I was quoted at one point regarding my thoughts on the Anti-Real World:

"I understand the reason for [the Anti-Real World DC site] but at the same time, [their site] is more people griping,"

And I will not deny it, nor try to defend it by providing the context of the rest of the 10 minute interview. In fact, this post is more of a clarification of my own Real World: DC stance, which I touched on when speaking to the Express reporter.

In and of itself, I'm actually Real World Neutral...whatever that means (I know, this entry might get me removed as a contributing editor). I neither see it as a good or bad thing.

What I'm "Pro" is for the Real World being in DC, especially at this time. Having been born and raised here, and teaching at a school which is very much in touch with the political pulse of this city (I teach at an all-girl's school in NW DC whose yearly tuition is about as much as my two year's in grad school will cost me), like it or not, this season of the Real World will provide a glance at life in the Nation's Capital at a relatively historic time, with the new administration, with our first mixed president, etc.

And, whether we like it or not, this is only the beginning. With talk of Real Housewives of DC in pre-production, reality shows are not going to go away.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure if the RW house were set up 20 feet from my own residence, I'd be peeved as well. But the majority of the ire seems to be with inebriated groupies hanging out across the street at odd hours of the night...and if across the street from the RW house means that they're in front of mine, I'd definitely be annoyed with them loitering.

And the gripes with the groupies seem like an extension of an existing anti-loitering legislation debate that has surfaced repeatedly throughout the year. But I digress...

I think I'll leave it at that for now. Please comment with regards to sightings, but my entries will probably have less to do with run-ins with the RW cast, than with the effect of their presence here in DC, especially as I hear about it from others.

Also, if you have any thoughts on why you're Pro or Anti real world, or even somewhere in between, please share them.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My first sighting

So first, thanks to the powers that be for making me a contributing editor.

I actually had my first sighting a lot sooner than I thought, which I believed would happen at a bar or club. There was a Where to Catch an MTV Real Worlder blog entry about a couple of weeks ago, and two of the venues are places that I sometimes spend up to 3 or 4 nights at some weeks, those being Cobalt and Town.

Anyway, I was walking around Dupont after filming a short film in the circle, when we decided to walk by the house, and two of the Real Worlders (and two crew members, a camera man and sound guy) were hanging outside. Although, I have to say that walking to get a bite to eat from the shoot, we walked by a sound guy outside a hair salon so at least one of the housemates was probably getting their hair did. And then while eating at Potbelly's, another camera guy was walking in front of two housemates walking back home with food from Subway.

So I've definitely had a couple of friends speak gloom and doom if the Real World happens to visit one of their stomping grounds. But any publicity, right?