Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My first sighting

So first, thanks to the powers that be for making me a contributing editor.

I actually had my first sighting a lot sooner than I thought, which I believed would happen at a bar or club. There was a Where to Catch an MTV Real Worlder blog entry about a couple of weeks ago, and two of the venues are places that I sometimes spend up to 3 or 4 nights at some weeks, those being Cobalt and Town.

Anyway, I was walking around Dupont after filming a short film in the circle, when we decided to walk by the house, and two of the Real Worlders (and two crew members, a camera man and sound guy) were hanging outside. Although, I have to say that walking to get a bite to eat from the shoot, we walked by a sound guy outside a hair salon so at least one of the housemates was probably getting their hair did. And then while eating at Potbelly's, another camera guy was walking in front of two housemates walking back home with food from Subway.

So I've definitely had a couple of friends speak gloom and doom if the Real World happens to visit one of their stomping grounds. But any publicity, right?


  1. I'd be glad to see the "Real World" house guests at any of the Hip-Hop clubs I go to. The extra cameras & hype wouldn't cramp my style at all not one bit.

    - Mr. 40. Watt -


  2. they were at McFaddens last night


  3. Are the cast members already in DC? Is MTV already filming? For some reason, I thought they would not start filming until September.