Thursday, June 11, 2009

Response to AntiRealWorldDC

I have absolutely nothing to do with MTV. I haven't even watched more than 5 minutes combined of MTV in the last 5 years. In fact the last time I watched MTV was Real World: Las Vegas, I think, and that was 2002.

Second, I do live in Dupont Circle and have lived here for many years. I am just a few short blocks from the Real World house, and yes I do have some concerns about disruption.

That said, I don't see all the unnecessary hubbub and trouble-making about this. What's the big deal? We lose a few parking spaces? A little more foot traffic near the house and camera crews at bars a few nights a week? You doomsday bloggers seem to think that the show is basically going to ruin the whole neighborhood -- every restaurant, bar, and quiet street is suddenly going to be inundated with camera crews. It's absurd. I think the disruption will be quite minimal, and it will bring good publicity to the area. I am at least willing to wait and see...


  1. it wont be that big of a deal. no worse than 5 drunkard frat boys getting a house together in dupont. but exactly what 'good publicity' will come out of this? hooray, the people who still watch mtv, with their combined iq of 94.27 will visit dupont, georgetown, or other "awesomely-urban-butonlyinthatcutepainteverythingpinkcupcakeshop" areas of dc.

    you're a moron for freaking out about this, I agree. but supporting it seems suspect as well

  2. Great blog!

    Tell Jim Johnston I said hi! ;)

  3. Really people? Let's be serious with ourselves for one minute...You're telling me that having Obama as our first African American President, (which is btw history changing), isn't giving DC enough publicity?

    If that's the of luck with finding a stellar cast to outdo Barack.

  4. The fact that you just said, "What's the big deal? We lose a few parking spaces?" shows that you're not from DC and definitely not from the Dupont neighborhood.

    For a blog that's supposedly by DC residents who are "pro" Real World, you clearly haven't done your homework to even fake it.

  5. If by "bring good publicity to the area" you mean highlight binge drinking and sexual promiscuity, then you gravely misunderstand the cultural and moral compass of the Dupont neighborhood.

  6. I'm still confused as to the claim this will ruin the neighborhood. I thought DuPont was ruined years ago when all the heteros from the suburbs felt safe to come into the gayborhood and suck the life out of it. I'm sure there will be noise and minor inconveniences, but it's not like the cameras are going to be following you around if you aren't on the show. If you don't like noise and need a parking spot, it seems that the suburbs might be a better place for you to live.

  7. Glad its your neighborhood then and not mine. For all the real residents of Dupont, I'm very sorry about the disruption this will cause, the loss of parking space, the camera crews and all the shenanagins that come with an MTV production...oh also say hello to all the prepubecent tourist that now feel they must stop by the Real World house.

  8. Jesus fucking Christ, who cares about a few parking spots. Should we ban every house renovation, move, and embassy because they take up parking spots?

  9. Well, those of us who live or work there (I'm half a block away), will indeed miss the extra parking spaces (remember, it's not just the ones the crew are already taking up, but all the idiots who'll be trying to get a glimpse of the other idiots). But, I'm more annoyed that everytime I have to walk to the metro or grocery store I have to walk in front of that house and deal with whatever may be going on. Small annoyances, but, forcing me to walk around the block instead of across MY street will no doubt piss me off.

  10. OMG, WTF, LOL...!!!

    The Real World is coming to DC. Our Nations Capitol is going to go crashing down in flames.

    Really people?

    I'm from DC and find the filming and production no less invasive then the 5000 other reality tv shows being filmed here every day. Anyone ever heard of CNN? ABC News? Channel 8?

    You live in the major metropolitan city. There are always going to be minor inconveniences living in a city. If you don't like it...MOVE!

    That way...I can have your parking space!


  11. Last time I watched Real World was the Las Vegas season as well. The series has gotten real wack since then. I think it would be halarious to see these new DC residents try & party at a local!!!

    - Mr. 40. Watt -