Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Starter Top 10

As of now, 2000 S Street NW is just a house under construction; let’s save the complaining for when there are complaints to be had. That said, here’s a starter Top 10 from the blogger across the street:

Why Not To Freak Out About The Seven Strangers Next Door . . .

10. If it turns out we don’t like the cast, at least they’ll have to deal with DC’s famous dog days of summer.

9. DC has more security cameras than anywhere else in the world; some accidental Real World footage isn’t going to ruin your political career.

8. Maybe the Secret Safeway will be outed, but at least the planets orbiting the American Geophysical Union (whatever that is) will remain shrouded in mystery.

7. The cast members are the perfect subjects for a social science experiment: Will they find anything else in NOVA besides Costco, Target, and Ray’s the Steaks?

6. No chance of these cast members’ security clearances being approved; your chances are looking better already.

5. As if there isn’t a police car 24/7 on our corner anyway.

4. Seven new victims for Dupont initiation – how hilarious would it be if everyone in the ‘hood showed up with a basket of muffins or a yard sign for the cause célèbre?

3. Finally the bullshit that is the DC cab system will be exposed for all the world to see.

2. It’s not like the parking spots they blocked off were zone spots anyway.

1. What if the token gay is hot?


  1. The question is - will the cat stop at the corner of 19th and S and find their past lives?


    It's a huge, prestigious scientific society with tens of thousands of members.

    Maybe a little less fixation on The Real World and a little more fixation, the real world, would be a good thing?

  3. A little late to parade here but what's your problem with NOVA? Our low crime our great schools? I'm a DC native born and raised and made the move to NOVA for my sanity. I'd rather not pay 10% sales tax and have that money go to someone as corrupt as marion barry's girlfriend. Everyone's entitle to an opinion. How about you base it on fact instead of fiction.