Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where's the Outrage? Adams Morgan to be shut down for movie filming...

Actually this sounds like a pretty sweet cast.

From DCist:

Streets to Close as Film Crews Heads to Adams Morgan Thursday

We heard from several readers that the film crew for the James L. Brooks-helmed Owen Wilson/Reese Witherspoon/Paul Rudd flick were camped along 7th Street NW in Penn Quarter today, and word from DDOT is that they'll be in Adams Morgan tomorrow. Several road closures will be in effect in the post-rush hour morning due to the filming.


  1. Really, you're comparing a 1-day shutdown to taking over a street for several months?

    Again, you obviously don't live in DC. Half-day or daily shut-downs on busy streets happen a lot (ever seen the motorcade with the shooter car?). The problem is that the lack of communication with the neighborhood about exactly what is happening and how it will impact the neighborhood. Losing the 6 parking spots is less of a big deal than the 12 originally planned (um, yeah, that's an entire street).

    This may well be written by a real person (or people) and not MTV or the production company, but it's lame anyway.

  2. I'm a resident of Adams Morgan and was very angry to find out about this last night when the trailers were moving in. Its well known that Adams Morgan is hard to park in. So when you find a spot you try not to move your car unless you must. I was forced to move my car very far from my apartment because I happened to see the emergency no parking sign on the tree by it. I would like to mention that this emergency no parking sign was not there at 8pm the night before. And I believe that's a law in DC to have it there about 2 weeks ahead. I was one of the lucky ones because I did see many cars being towed.
    Apparently the businesses knew about this but they forgot to make the residents aware. I will be complaining.

  3. Why are people still freaking out about this? If you've ever seen the show, they go to the same bar over and over again and then go back to their house. This thing won't be any worse than the annoying heteros that moved into the neighborhood and their house parties, except the RW won't be full of the annoying government employees that live here for three years and think they own the entire city. I mean, it's Dupont. It hasn't been this awesome neighborhood people keep referencing for years. Any respectable mo lives in Logan now.

  4. The big deal is that these people are going to be out with cameras every night-and those of us who live in that neighborhood (which I still very much like thank you anonymous number 3) are going to have to avoid these people and their posse for 5 months! Does anyone still care about this show? Can't people get their fill of vapid self-impressed morons with no career options past whoring themselves out to this sort of voyeurism by watching The Hills or something set in LA or some other city that exists to cater to that kind of shallowness?